One-week Reinforcement Learning summer school

  • Where: The summer school will be in the NU building at the VU Amsterdam. The room is the theatre 9 (on the 4th floor).
  • When: July 11th to 15th, 2022
  • Targeted audience: MsC and PhD students that are not yet expert in reinforcement learning but have prior knowledge in machine learning (some notions of reinforcement learning is also necessary). Post-docs, researchers and professionals working on related fields and willing to learn about reinforcement learning can also apply.

Course description

This course will provide an in-depth introduction to recent Reinforcement Learning (RL) techniques and algorithms. The program can be found here.

The practical sessions will also help the students improve their practical RL skills.


The participants should at least be familiar with basic RL concepts before the course. These topics are covered in the book "intro to reinforcement learning" by Sutton and Barto.

In order to be as efficient as possible, it is advised that you already check this GitHub repository and follow the instructions in the README such that you have everything ready for the practical sessions.

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